Commonwealth Community Music Initiative

Making music with orchestras and choirs around the world

We are delighted to bring you the Commonwealth Community Music Initiative: a new music project in celebration of the  Commonwealth during 2022  here in Birmingham. Here at The People’s Orchestra, we believe in bringing music to local communities at every opportunity, so what better time than through one of the biggest platforms this city has ever had! We are launching the Commonwealth Community Music Initiative through mass digital performances, collaborative compositions from around the globe, showcasing the work of local artists from all commonwealth participants, and a music festival. We believe this initiative is a great opportunity to showcase the best musicians, composers and singers from across the Commonwealth, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the culmination of these collaborative projects. We’d love for you to participate in any and all of these projects with us if you’re interested - celebrating the beauty of diversity in all of these projects will make these performances the best they can be.

We are busy preparing for this exciting challenge and have planned lots of projects over the timeline of this initiative for musicians, local and global, to get involved with. It’s important to us that this initiative embodies the principles of the Commonwealth: ‘humanity’, ‘equality’ and ‘destiny’.  To represent this ethos we want to form relationships all over the globe, founded on equal and collaborative creative connection, so if you are interested in this initiative, we’d be delighted to partner with you. The first of these projects are currently in production/process, and you can find more information about them, the overall initiative or our subscription and event packages below. For a taste of what you can expect, check out our ‘War of the Titans’ digital collaboration with orchestras from the UK, New Zealand and Canada, or read our interview with acclaimed composer John Koutselinis, who will have a unique role in this initiative.

There are four projects within the Commonwealth Community Music Initiative:


Award-winning composer John Koutselinis is creating an inspirational orchestral piece to celebrate the talent and skill of the worldwide music community, and we are asking musicians and singers from across the Commonwealth to participate in a performance of this piece. This will be a mass digital collaboration like no other. To get involved, read more...


This project offers the chance for composers from each Commonwealth nation the chance to collaborate to create a global song, over an established bass line, uniting the diversity of worldwide musical styles in a single piece. This will be a mass composition and collaboration involving as many of the Commonwealth nations as possible. Click to read more...


During 2022, amateur music groups from all commonwealth nations are invited to join us and can take part in workshops, live performances and a gala concert. If you think members of your music or choral group would be interested in travelling to the UK to take part, please contact us. You can find out more here...


We will showcase the best of the music from across the Commonwealth – on buildings and landmarks around the Midlands, and areas from all the commonwealth nations that wish to highlight their own national scenery. If you are a composer, musician or artist and are interested in your work being showcased, please contact us. Read more about the project…



After two concerts together in the UK (2018) and Canada (2019), we have cultivated a strong relationship with L’Orchestre Philharmonia Mundi de Montréal (OPMM), and although not partners in live performance yet, we have also partnered with Orchestras Central, who are based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We collaborated digitally with both orchestras in our first international, virtual performance during 2020, and we plan to build on this further as an official part of our Commonwealth Community Music Initiative. An essential part of this initiative is strengthening our bonds with existing international partners, as well as making new ones, to create high quality music together.

We are really looking forward to collaborating with you in these projects, and showcasing the talent, skill and hard work of musicians, composers and singers throughout the Commonwealth. To receive updates about any of these projects, the forms to register interest can be found using the button here.