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This year has been tricky for all of us, and that includes recent TPO volunteer Thomas. He had recently graduated from university with a teaching qualification. However, once he did so, he struggled to get his foot in the door when he tried to get a job. His working experience had been cut short whilst on his course, and that was why he had been turned down. He decided to come to The People’s Orchestra for some guidance on his CV, personal statement and interview skills.

Through the support provided by TPO, he developed his confidence in interviews and was able to add a more personal touch to his CV and personal statement. As a result, he got two interview opportunities for jobs and was successful in getting a position at a primary school.

Looking back at his time with TPO, Thomas says, “I would highly recommend that people who are feeling stressed or struggling with job applications seek advice from TPO as the standard of guidance is extremely high and the outcomes are wonderful. After my contact with the charity I felt far more confident in using and adapting my skills to produce a higher quality application which was personal to me and more appropriate for the job I was applying for.”

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