COVID-19 Safety

At the People’s Orchestra, we are very excited to return to rehearsals and play music together once again. However, the health and the safety of everyone involved must be the top priority. In order for us to return to rehearsals in October 2020, we have completed a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and put in place procedures to ensure the risk of transmitting coronavirus is as minimal as possible. 

Prior to rehearsal, members will be asked to complete an online form to: 

  1. Confirm in advance that they will be attending. 
  2. Confirm that they have not been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 and are not displaying any symptoms. 
  3. Confirm that they are not somebody in the high-risk category.  


What are we doing to help keep you safe at rehearsals? 

Upon arrival, members will be asked to wait outside, two metres apart, and enter the building one person or household at a time. Once inside, there will be a register (for track and trace purposes) and you will need to have your temperature taken, collect your music and go straight to your allocated seat via a one-way system. It is important that attendees do not move around the room unnecessarily. 

  • We have reduced the overall length of rehearsals and removed the social break in order to meet the requirements of COVID-19 regulations.  
  • Attendees will be able to use the toilet facilities if they need to, one at a time. There will be no specific break times in the rehearsal, so that fewer people need to use shared facilities at once. 
  • To reduce the need for shared equipment, all members must bring their own music stand (orchestras) and pencil, and any drinks or refreshments needed, as we are unable to provide these. 
  • Music will be issued upon arrival at the first rehearsal. Members must only use their own music and ensure they bring it with them on each occasion. We will not be able to provide spares or share music with others. 
  • All chairs will be cleaned and laid out to fit social distancing rules by TPO Staff. Each member will be allocated a specific seat.