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Our Community: Kate's Story

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At The People’s Orchestra, we pride ourselves on the help we provide for those who have found themselves out of work and seek a return to paid employment.

Pre-pandemic, Kate had been in the printing industry when she was made redundant. She faced trying to find a job and impress at interviews during a pandemic, a time when we all feel added worries about so many things in our lives.

When she came to us, it had been so long since she had been for an interview, she needed some tips on how to have a successful interview, including what questions to expect as well as what she herself could ask. We provided her with advice and her CV. By targeting her approach and remaining positive she was successful in securing full-time paid employment as an Account Manager in the sector she loves.

Kate says: “If you’re thinking about accessing their help, don’t delay. The help and support I received was second to none and really did help me through an extremely difficult period in my life.”

Here is an example of how The People’s Orchestra helped someone get their dream job!!!

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Our Volunteers: Thomas' Story

This year has been tricky for all of us, a pandemic running rampant, and that includes recent volunteer Thomas.

Thomas recently graduated from university with a teaching qualification. However, once he did so, he struggled to get his foot in the door when he tried to get a job. His working experience had been cut short. He decided to come to The People’s Orchestra (TPO) for some guidance on his CV, personal statement, and interview skills.

He was able to develop his confidence in interviews and added a more personal touch to his CV and personal statement. As a result, he was successful in getting a position at a primary school.

Looking back at his time with TPO, Thomas says, “I would highly recommend that people who are feeling stressed or struggling with job applications seek advice from TPO as the standard of guidance is extremely high and the outcomes are wonderful. After my contact with the charity, I felt far more confident in using and adapting my skills to produce a higher quality application which was personal to me and more appropriate for the job I was applying for.”

If you’re having trouble with your job applications, come see TPO!

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Our Community: Shameela's Story

Our Stories 3
Shameela was referred to The People’s Orchestra through the Job Centre. She was looking to gain a work placement to boost her experience in marketing, to then go on to full time employment.

Shameela’s work placement was a huge learning curve, where she was able to take previously developed skills and apply them to a whole new context which would allow her to practice and develop her marketing knowledge further.

During her placement,  Shameela was tasked with assisting the promotion of The People’s Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert, due only a few months into her placement.

Using her skills as a writer,  Shameela developed a narrative for the concert which incorporated the orchestra’s performances of Disney themes and a massed primary school choir singing Christmas carols for a successful and entertaining concert.

The resulting concert had very positive feedback, “It was nice to hear this orchestra at Christmas, and how much they have improved and being accompanied by the children gave it a real festive angle”. After finishing her placement with the orchestra,  Shameela went on to secure paid work as a screenwriter.

Shameela was amazed with her progress looking back at the Christmas Concert; “I never anticipated writing a Christmas concert, but it was a great night. Writing the play, working with actors – it is the collaboration I really love. This experience has allowed me to push myself and given me insight into other aspects of the arts”.

Ask your creative employees to work on your next event! There are many ways for people to gain skills that will help them in furthering their careers, through techniques such as collaborative writing and marketing.

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Our Community: Zainab's Story

Our Stories 4
After Zainib’s placement year, The People’s Orchestra offered to employ her full-time, to oversee the community hub project. Upon starting university, Zainib took up the Marketing position in her spare time, where she is currently studying for her Masters in Business and Management. Zainib was keen to take on more tasks, and so now she also helps with promotion and organisation of social activity events such as parties, and has control of the creation of digital content. She finds using Instagram a vital tool in promotional campaigns and regularly posts updates on social media. Section: “We have a community hub page and a website which I manage directly; I also update our mailing lists. The whole process from writing to sending out press releases is very fulfilling. This year I’ll be working more and more with data collection and specific projects.”

Zainib’s plans after graduating include gaining a qualification in Marketing, such as a Masters or a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma. “I want to work across all channels in TV – whether it’s marketing, promotion or management” she says. After working with the orchestra for her placement, Zainib has returned to Aston University to continue her studying and is working towards gaining a position in Marketing.

Working for The People’s Orchestra has been an amazing experience for me. When I applied at the Orchestra, I had thought that I wouldn’t get many opportunities but that wasn’t the case. The People’s Orchestra is working non-stop and there’s a lot of opportunity for everyone out there. I gained a lot of work experience, and even got the opportunity to get paid work.

The most fun part me must be working with the staff on promotional and marketing activities for the concerts. So, I would be contacting newspaper editors and getting articles in the newspaper, TV promotions, creating the press release, and all activities behind the scenes for the actual concert date. When you can see the progress and all the hard work that goes into the concert it is a proud moment, and it motivates you to do even better the next time.

The staff have been amazing, very friendly and will make you laugh to the point you can’t breathe. I have not only gained work experience in relation to my degree, but also have developed as a person, I have become more confident.

This is all because Sarah saw capabilities in me which I never knew I had and pushed me to bring out the best in myself.  Anyone who wishes to gain more skills and enjoy their work experience, should work at The People’s Orchestra, no matter what their subject”.
Volunteering is much more than just volunteering; it provides great experiences, boosting confidence

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Our Community: Beatrice's Story

Beatrice Playing Violin
Beatrice moved to Birmingham three years ago for university and didn’t know anyone or have any friends here. She joined The People’s Orchestra as a violinist and reached out to us when she was looking for some work experience as part of her university course seeing as she had none at the time. TPO welcomed her with opened arms, and she was able to get some work experience aside from her education.

Beatrice had been a part of an orchestra growing up so when she came to the UK, she wanted to find one that wasn’t too serious for her to dedicate all her time as she had to also concentrate in her studies. Luckily, she stumbled upon TPO and joined because she wanted to carry on playing music and meet new people outside her university.

She was awarded The Brian Travers Award for Academic Achievement 2018 by her university for her high academic achievement for music in her course. Her final year project was a campaign to raise awareness, educate and encourage orchestras to support the charities Anthony Nolan and DKMS. She did this by educating people about what being a stem cell donor is and what the bone marrow register is about, getting people to sign up.

“I received a lot of guidance and support which helped me create a professional content for my campaign. I was honoured to have received the award from my university and pleased that all my hard work paid off.”

Beatrice was inspired by the predicament that befell her three years ago as she was diagnosed with cancer and needed a bone-marrow transplant to survive. Luckily for her, her brother donated his bone marrow as he was a perfect match. This inspired her because there are so many people who don’t have that chance, a match in their family. So, she created the campaign to encourage more people to be signed up to the register, so more people can get that lifesaving match.

When it came to her final year project, she chose to partner with The People’s orchestra because she knew we would welcome any idea with open arms. She was given the guidance and support she needed, her campaign reached loads of continents and she was fortunate enough to have 10 orchestras support it and she was able to sign seventy-one new people to the stem cell register. Her campaign scored her a 92% pass and a first-class honours degree in her course.

Find out more about Beatrice’s Great Orchestra Campaign – Click HERE.

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Our Community: Alex's Story


Alex first found The People’s Orchestra during a challenging period of his life. Having left University after five years of studying without a degree qualification and accumulating debts, this had led to Alex being turned away from further employment and support allowance. Alex continued his struggle with anxiety and depression, all whilst facing the threat of eviction during 2017.


After facing difficulty with navigating the job centre and job seekers allowance, Alex was still looking for employment. Daunted by the large gaps in his CV, Alex found it difficult to go through job applications and interview process, despite continual applications actively seeking employment.


Out of the blue, Alex was able to join The People’s Orchestra on a placement opportunity, working as a general office administrator and project coordinator, which was his first long term employment opportunity since being in education.


Throughout his time with The People’s Orchestra, Alex was able to gain a broad range of new skills that would be transferable to his future employment. Alex has undertaken research and written literature for projects, whilst preparing scripts and acting as an assistant director for multiple events. He also volunteered to help with orchestra concerts outside the typical work schedule, choosing to take part in more events and surround himself with new people.


Alex found his confidence growing and anxiety lessening through his work experience. “I felt like I was part of the team” Alex explains, “my skills and abilities were appreciated. The atmosphere in the office is fantastic and everyone is so friendly. I look forward to coming into the office”.


Alex soon found the ability to persist with his job applications until he was successful, his hard work paying off, as he was rewarded with the job and career he was seeking. Using his work experience and newfound abilities as a springboard, Alex is now able to handle customer service and communications, while helping companies running their stock portfolios from his developed expertise.


Throughout his work experience, Alex has gained a broad range of interview and CV skills, having the confidence to use them in his career progression.

“I felt I could do the job, and the confidence has paid off”, Alex advises, reflecting on his experience with The People’s Orchestra.

“If you persist in what you want, and keep applying for jobs, you will get there”.

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Our Community: Valentine's Story

Our Stories 5

Over the past few months, Valene has been spending some time volunteering here at TPO Towers. She had worked in television for ten years but was made redundant from her position. This is her story.


Hi Valene. Why did you contact TPO in the first place?


I was looking to get back into work and the Job Centre connected me with TPO. Mariann [TPO’s Employment Liaison Officer] then reached out to me.


What were you looking to get out of a relationship with TPO?


I wanted some support with my CV and some help with my interview technique. I was looking to find some work and something to occupy my time with. I had experience with photography as I worked for ten years in the television industry, so photography was my initial avenue into TPO, however I was interested in progressing more into social media marketing, which was what TPO enabled me to do. It’s very difficult to progress in television unless you live in London or Manchester, and I’m not in a position to relocate, so after my redundancy I thought ‘Maybe it’s time to make a change’. I wanted to gain experience around social media, search engine optimisation, and analytics, to help me find future work in this sector.


In what ways did TPO enable you to progress?

They assisted me with my CV. They also enabled me to get experience working with social media, and they put a level of trust in me which I really appreciated. This has enabled me to get comfortable and confident with the jobs that I’ve been doing, and there’s a really welcoming atmosphere in the office, so it’s also developed my networking skills. I have received several job interviews as a result.


What have you been doing when you have been volunteering in the office?

I have been interviewed to help create content for TPO’s social media channels. I used my experience in social media marketing to help the Marketing Officer curate TPO’s social media presence: this involved making and scheduling posts, and planning posts with images, captions, and quotes. I also gave advice on post frequency and consistency and working together we have managed to really upgrade the social media, both internally and externally.


Has the help you’ve received continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Mariann has been phoning me frequently to check-in with me about how I’m doing, both workwise and emotionally. She has been reliable about checking in with me, and I’ve really appreciated that. I’ve received several job interview opportunities since working with TPO, and Mariann has been super willing to help me with these.


What have you gotten out of volunteering with TPO?

I’ve received valuable experience with social media marketing and have made useful connections through networking. I’ve really enjoyed helping with the events that the orchestra have put on. I’ve also gained confidence in working in an office environment and I now feel more equipped to apply and interview for jobs.


What would you say to anyone who is thinking of coming to The People’s Orchestra for help?

I would recommend it, especially depending on which roles you are interested in. My advice would be “Be open-minded and try it”, as my experience has been positive. I’ve been working with TPO for a year now, and I want to keep coming for as long as possible.

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TPO Bridge: Mike's Story

Our Stories 6

Most people who contact TPO Bridge to access our help, do so following a referral from their local Job Centre. This was how Mike came to get in touch with us in the autumn of 2020.


Mike had been made redundant from his job as a key account manager within the manufacturing industry and was looking to get back into work as soon as possible. With another lockdown looming it’s fair to say that he was applying for work in uncertain times.


“The support I received was excellent, my CV was improved massively, and my LinkedIn profile looked much better too,” Mike says. “It definitely gave me more confidence that my CV would be more suitable for job applications.”


Thankfully, Mike was successful and excitedly started his new job as a key account manager within the leisure and health sector in January just gone. “I like to think my new CV gave my employers the reason to follow up my application with an interview. “You might be old like me, and have loads of experience, but always be available to listen and take help when offered, it might be one small thing that you change that works better for you. I have been made redundant 2 previous times, and never found work as quickly as I did this time, an improved CV may have just done the trick.”


It’s wonderful that we have been able to play a part in getting another hard-working individual back into employment. You don’t need to be referred to us by the Job Centre to receive the tools and guidance you need to further your own career. Just text the word ‘SUPPORT’ to 07881 279970 to get the ball rolling.


The pandemic doesn’t mean support is cancelled. It means we will adapt and support you in ways that are safe and as solid as ever.

It is important for you to have a well written CV that would be read by your potential employers.

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Uni Placements: Ryan's Story


My name is Ryan, I’m an English Language and Politics student at Aston University, and I’ve had a brilliant placement year working with The People’s Orchestra!


When I applied, at the start of 2020, I knew the sort of position I had in mind. I would do a lot of writing, have some creative freedom over the work I was doing and gain some valuable experience in working in an office-based team environment. I would have something unique to put on my CV for employers to see after university and, most importantly, my placement would enable me to develop as a person.


What attracted me here was how different the organisation is. It’s both a community orchestra and a social responsibility charity – an intriguing combination. I’ve been able to combine my interests in music with my passion for social welfare causes in ways which I would never have imagined.


The world in which I stepped into the head office in West Bromwich was a VERY different one to when I applied. Instead of going in three days a week, we would be present for Tuesday and Wednesday, while working from home on Thursday. We would have to sit socially distanced in the office, at desks across the room, and if we needed to come into close contact for a project, we had to wear a mask. And while working from home has been a big challenge, and one which I don’t think I’ll ever fully get used to, it was my first introduction to one of the qualities which for me defines The People’s Orchestra – adaptability.


In so many ways, I had to learn to be more adaptable and more flexible this year. A normal day could range from researching some health benefits for joining an orchestra, to planning a podcast for the social media channels and shooting a promotional video – far more than just creative writing. One of the biggest things which I am grateful for is that The People’s Orchestra haven’t treated me or anyone else on placement like an intern – we’ve been embraced into the team and treated like equals. A lot of the placement year horror stories I’ve heard have involved members of staff being rude, treating interns as tea makers, and being a boring and unproductive experience. My time here has been the complete opposite.


Everyone at TPO is so nice, and I felt really valued as a member. Within a few weeks I was leading a podcast project (which has since snowballed into something bigger!), being entrusted to write press releases and website posts and given freedom on some of my tasks. There’s always something to do here as we’re always evolving and taking on new projects. A big one for this year and next is the work TPO are doing on their Commonwealth Community Music Initiative, with a variety of musical and art projects to bring together the cultures and languages of every nation involved.


If you’re looking for a placement to broaden your skills, to experience working in a professional setting, I couldn’t recommend The People’s Orchestra highly enough. Although it is a charity placement and I didn’t get paid for my work, the experience I have gained is far better for me than I would have got from simply looking for paid internships and becoming a small fish in a big company. At TPO, you get to see how things are done at a management level and take on many different challenges at once as a trusted, valued member of a team – and will set you up brilliantly for your future career.

All of this makes me feel happy, proud, and lucky to be a part of this wonderful family.

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Uni Placements: Misbah's Story


Hi, everyone! My name is Misbaah and I’m here to talk about my placement experience so far. I am currently completing a 12-month placement as a Marketing Officer here at The People’s Orchestra. Six months in, my experience has been quite different to what I had originally imagined. Due to the current circumstances, my team and I have had to work from home, just like majority of us out there. However, I have received full support from my colleagues through daily Zoom meetings and staying in contact throughout the day by email and messaging.


Much of my role is based around social media. Creating content for our social media platforms has enabled me to be creative with caption/blog writing and choosing the perfect media to go with it. Working on many different projects, stats and research has improved my report writing and analytics documentation and creative thinking, which is something I wanted to take from my placement year. It is fair to say I have gained a lot of skills already half-way through my placement, with the extensive support of my incredible team.


Being away from a traditional workspace has meant that I’ve had to motivate myself to complete every task to the best of my ability whilst also being in my ‘comfort’ and ‘relaxing’ environment.

Maintaining my concentration was hard at first but a few days in I got the hang of it.


However, the first couple of months we had in the office was amazing! I had the chance to experience what it’s like working in an office setting which gave me a clear insight into what to expect once I graduate and start my career.

The work ethic here at TPO is incredible. The team is creative, and work driven, supporting each other with many projects that we run, including recruiting, website development and hosting in-person and virtual events. This is a great place to gain work experience, especially for those of you who are looking to work on variety of fast paced projects, and of course if you love music!

Working during the pandemic can be difficult but it has helped me learn how to motivate myself as well as giving me insight into my future career opportunities.

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Kickstart Scheme: Junaid's Story

Our Stories 6

Earlier this year, The People’s Orchestra announced that they were getting involved with the Government’s Kickstart scheme, which seeks to help 16–24-year-olds get into the world of work despite the challenges faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. Just a few weeks after the project began, we are pleased to announce that TPO has its first Kickstart success.  


Junaid, an accounting graduate, was looking for work following the completion of his degree but was finding it difficult to find employment in the situation of the pandemic – a feeling which many have experienced in the past year. At the job centre, his work coach found him the opportunity to join The People’s Orchestra through the Kickstart programme. He read up about the charity and thought it would be a good way to develop skills in a business setting, along with enabling him to use his skills on Excel and other software.  


“The People’s Orchestra are exactly what they say they are,” Junaid says. “They are for the people.  

“I’ve never before had an interview like the one I did for the Orchestra,” he adds. “Liz [TPO’s Orchestra Manager] and Becca [TPO’s Communications and Engagement Manager] were bubbly and friendly, they were really interested in finding out who I was as a person rather than just a potential employee. I felt relaxed immediately as it felt more like a chat than an interview. They look at who you are, not just your qualifications.”  


Previously, Junaid’s office experience had been limited to just a week on a placement with another company, who he says didn’t really care if he was progressing or how he was getting on. “Liz gave me a nice workload which didn’t feel overloaded. I also got little deadlines to complete tasks which helped me to complete the work in a timely fashion. She also made me work in teams with other Kickstart volunteers, which helped me get experience of working in a team – I got along with them all really well. Even though there were quite a few of us, I feel like TPO cared about how I was doing. Liz was always checking up on me, making sure I was alright.’ 

“Even working remotely and online, I felt like part of the team. We had weekly socials across the charity and that meant I got to know everyone and chat to them. TPO is extremely collaborative – and that’s one of the best things about it.”  


In his month with us, Junaid was an Admin Assistant. He helped to organise parts of the Commonwealth Community Music Initiative, helping to find venues, and put together important information regarding instruments and rehearsals. Additionally, he gained experience using Salesforce software, which is crucial for many businesses. “Even though I was only with the orchestra for a month, I feel like I’ve achieved a lot.”  

On the Kickstart scheme, participants are additionally expected to complete tasks to aid them in the search for new employment, including CV improvement and job hunting. “Mariann [TPO’s Employment Officer] helped me a lot with my CV. It was one of the reasons I got my new job – my CV presented me really professionally, and it got me more interview opportunities.”  

Junaid’s new job is at a clinic in West Bromwich. “They were looking for someone who could work in different departments across the business,” he says. “The experience I gained from The People’s Orchestra showed them I could do it.”  


There are more opportunities to get involved with The People’s Orchestra through the Kickstart Scheme. To get involved, just speak to your Job Centre work coach.  

About his overall experience, Junaid says: “The People’s Orchestra is the best place to start work-life at; people should try to get involved even voluntarily. It’s a really good experience and you’ll feel great that the work you’re doing directly helps the local community.” 

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Into Work: Hannah's Story

Our Stories 8

At TPO Bridge, we pride ourselves on helping people with a vary of different challenges get back into work. However, we also offer help for those who need advice on what to do after leaving school. It is a hard time in a young person’s life, where so many options are chucked their way at an excessive rate. Here is Hannah’s experience working with us.


Why did you contact TPO Bridge?

I needed some direction on what to do, whether that was Further Education and learning, Higher Education, or a full-time paid job. Specifically, I needed to know a variety of things, including how I would be able to fund myself through a course, the availability of courses and how to even enrol for one during a pandemic. I also wanted advice on the other options available to me, potentially in different areas, and more general CV and job interview advice.


How did TPO Bridge support you?

Support was offered to me in multiple ways. I was given accurate information on where to find courses, and encouragement in how to gain a student loan, access funding and get involved with people like National Careers Advisors. They also helped me build my CV, so it was structured correctly, with relevant information easier to read, portraying all my positive attitudes in a concise and orderly manner.


I was given excellent advice on interview technique – from what sort of questions I could be asked and how best to answer them, to preparing myself so I could relax and present my best attributes with the focus being on my knowledge and competency to do the job at hand. It was nice having someone to ask and guide me, giving me crucial information to help me have the confidence to make an informed choice about what I want for myself.


What was the outcome of your time with us?

Help was given to me at a crucial time as I found an interesting opportunity in Business Administration with the NHS. When I got some further advice on interviews, I decided to apply for the apprenticeship. By that point I knew university wasn’t right for me.

I was called in for an interview with the NHS and, with all the advice and knowledge I had been given, I handled the interview confidently. I was successful and got offered the job and I am now an admin assistant at a hospital!


What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing our help?

Do it, I found the whole experience really fulfilling. The support was so helpful and insightful. It’s been a positive journey of learning from beginning to end. I was given accurate and appropriate information, plus I have gained so much confidence and knowledge to help me progress in my future career path. It was great knowing someone was there with advice and a positive attitude to help me though even when I thought things looked bleak, and the advice was always given in a helpful, non-judgemental, and sincere way. I would recommend anyone who needs advice to access this service as it has helped me so much to make my first steps into gaining employment and finding a positive platform on which to start my career from.

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Into Work: Rakhi's Study

Our Stories 5

At TPO Bridge, we do more than just offer work placements to help people find work. Often, those who require our services just need a little guidance to refine the ways they present themselves to potential employers.

This was the story for HR Professional, Rakhi, who spent 2020 looking for a new job. She had completed 12 interviews; however, she had not yet been successful in getting an offer back.


“I needed to have a supportive chat with someone, to refocus my mind and to reassure me that I was doing the right thing,” Rakhi explained. “Mariann [TPO’s Employment Officer] provided support on the phone; she was excellent. She helped me focus on the most important part of the questions, what the organisations wanted from me and what I needed to do to ensure that I was the best candidate for the role.” Giving thoughts to her needs, we scheduled appointments just before Rakhi’s new interviews took place. This meant that our advice was fresh in her mind when it came to preparing for them.


Thankfully, having been given advice, Rakhi was offered a new position within a couple of weeks. Now, she is enjoying her new job and can’t wait to see where the future takes her. “The first two weeks have flown by. I work with lovely people, a great team. It’s always good when the CEO tells you he was very impressed with you at the interview and that you blend in well with the spirit of the organisation.”


Looking back at her time with TPO, she enthusiastically urges others to get involved too. “Please do not be ashamed of accessing help,” Rakhi implores. “I work in HR and know a lot about interview techniques and what recruiters are looking for but hearing someone else say it always feels better.”


If you, or anyone you know, may benefit from the services we provide to get back into work, do not hesitate to get in touch. Just text the word ‘SUPPORT’ to 07881 279970 to get the ball rolling on your next career move.

The pandemic doesn’t mean support is cancelled. It means we will adapt and support you in ways that are as safe and as flexible as possible.

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