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A Symphony of Support: Helping You Find Your Workforce Rhythm Again

Ever wondered how an orchestra and employment support can harmonize perfectly? Welcome to The People’s Orchestra’s innovative approach to helping individuals get back into work, especially those who have been unemployed for an extended period or have unique needs due to disabilities. Our Gateway Program has been designed to face the music of today’s challenging employment landscape and conduct a symphony of success.

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A Crescendo of Confidence: Our Impact So Far

Since the inception of the Gateway Program, our dedicated Employment Liaison Officer has aided over 1800 individuals, many of whom have been out of the workforce for over a year. Notably, individuals had been grappling with unemployment for decades, many with multiple needs


Our participants’ profiles are as diverse as a symphony orchestra, with 57% of them shouldering caring responsibilities, and 78% living with disabilities – 40% of them with multiple disability needs. Despite these hurdles, the program has struck a chord of positivity. An impressive 93% of participants reported increased confidence and well-being, while 28% have found their rhythm again in paid employment or further education and training.

Overcoming Obstacles: Adapting Our Approach

We’ve faced a few sour notes along the way. Engaging individuals who require long-term support was more challenging than anticipated. Some participants presented complex and intersecting needs, including disabilities and caring responsibilities, which made regular appointments difficult


But, just like an orchestra adjusts to the acoustics of a new concert hall, we’ve tweaked our approach, increasing flexibility to meet the unique needs of each participant and maintain engagement.

Storytime: A Harmony of Support

Let’s strike a personal note for a moment and share the story of John. John had been unemployed for over a decade due to a disability that affected his mobility. Regular job center appointments were a struggle, and he often felt overlooked.


When John was referred to The People’s Orchestra’s Gateway Program, it was like a new composition was written just for him. We worked together to create a personalized plan that considered his unique circumstances.


John is now successfully employed and credits the Gateway Program for not only helping him find work but also boosting his confidence and wellbeing.

Trusted Partner: Dealing with Complex Cases

We’re more than just a program; we’re a trusted partner. Our unique and person-centered approach has earned us referrals from local Job Centres. They recognize our ability to provide bespoke, long-term support that they cannot offer. We are not time-limited in our support, allowing us to build trust, create personalized plans, and deliver outcomes that meet each individual’s specific circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hitting the Right Notes

1. What is the People’s Orchestra’s Gateway program?


The Gateway program is a unique initiative designed to support the long-term unemployed, particularly those with complex needs. We provide personalised, long-term support to help individuals overcome obstacles and build a brighter future.


2. I have a disability. How can the Gateway program help me get a job?


The Gateway program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant. We have a strong focus on supporting individuals with disabilities, offering resources, tools, and skills to overcome employment challenges.

Empowering Participants: From Solo to Symphony

The Gateway program aims to empower the long-term unemployed and those with complex needs. This initiative provides support, resources, tools, and skills to help participants address their challenges, restore confidence, and help them get back to work, no matter their circumstances

It's Your Turn: Ready to Join the Symphony of Success?

Are you intrigued by our approach and eager to learn how we can help you or someone you know get back into work or find a job with a disability?


We invite you to reach out to us at hello@thepeoplesorchestra.com. Become part of our symphony, where we create beautiful music by helping individuals find their rhythm in the workforce again. We are committed to transforming lives through our community-focused initiatives. With us, you’re never alone in your journey to employment.

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