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Shameela’s Story

Shameela was referred to The People’s Orchestra through the Job Centre. She was looking to gain a work placement to boost her experience in marketing, to then go on to full time employment. 

Shameela’s work placement was a huge learning curve, where she was able to take previously developed skills and apply them to a whole new context. Which would allow her to practice and develop her marketing knowledge further.  

During her placement, Shameela was tasked with assisting the promotion of The People’s Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert, due only a few months into her placement. Using her skills as a writer, Shameela developed a narrative for the concert which incorporated the orchestra’s performances of Disney themes and a massed primary school choir singing Christmas carols for a successful and entertaining concert. The resulting concert had very positive feedback, “It was nice to hear this orchestra at Christmas, and how much they have improved and being accompanied by the children gave it a real festive angle”. 

After finishing her placement with the orchestra, Shameela went on to secure paid work as a screenwriter.  

Shameela was amazed with her progress looking back at the Christmas Concert; “I never anticipated writing a Christmas concert but it was a great night. Writing the play, working with actors – it is the collaboration I really love. This experience has allowed me to push myself and given me insight into other aspects of the arts”. 


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