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At TPO Bridge, we do more than just offer work placements to help people find work. Often, those who require our services just need a little guidance to refine the ways they present themselves to potential employers.

This was the story for HR Professional, Rakhi, who spent 2020 looking for a new job. She had completed 12 interviews; however, she had not yet been successful in getting an offer back.

“I needed to have a supportive chat with someone, to refocus my mind and to reassure me that I was doing the right thing,” Rakhi explained. “Mariann [TPO’s Employment Officer] provided support on the phone; she was excellent. She helped me focus on the most important part of the questions, what the organisations wanted from me and what I needed to do to ensure that I was the best candidate for the role.” Giving thoughts to her needs, we scheduled appointments just before Rakhi’s new interviews took place. This meant that our advice was fresh in her mind when it came to preparing for them.

Thankfully, having been given advice, Rakhi was offered a new position within a couple of weeks. Now, she is enjoying her new job and can’t wait to see where the future takes her. “The first two weeks have flown by. I work with lovely people, a great team. It’s always good when the CEO tells you he was very impressed with you at the interview and that you blend in well with the spirit of the organisation.”

Looking back at her time with TPO, she enthusiastically urges others to get involved too. “Please do not be ashamed of accessing help,” Rakhi implores. “I work in HR and know a lot about interview techniques and what recruiters are looking for but hearing someone else say it always feels better.”

If you, or anyone you know, may benefit from the services we provide to get back into work, do not hesitate to get in touch. Just text the word ‘SUPPORT’ to 07881 279970 to get the ball rolling on your next career move.

The pandemic doesn’t mean support is cancelled. It means we will adapt and support you in ways that are as safe and as flexible as possible.

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