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Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service



A Royal Recognition: The People's Orchestra Receives the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service!

Have you ever wondered what a community orchestra can achieve? Would you be surprised to find out that a group of dedicated volunteers can create a ripple effect that reverberates throughout a community, changing lives in profound ways? That’s exactly the story of The People’s Orchestra. In recognition of its transformative work in the Midlands, The People’s Orchestra has been honoured with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK. This prestigious accolade is equivalent to the MBE and recognizes exceptional work done by volunteer groups in their communities.

The Magic of The People's Orchestra

The People’s Orchestra, a vibrant community orchestra, is much more than a platform for musicians. It’s a movement, a catalyst for change, a bridge to opportunities. The orchestra supports an intermediate level orchestra, a network of show choirs, and a highly successful work placement program known as the TPO Gateway.

How does the TPO Gateway work? It’s an innovative employability and skills development programme that allows individuals to gain valuable work experience. So far, this programme has helped over 1,000 people, a testament to the immense social impact of arts and music in the community. The organization is also supporting 58 young people into a career in the creative arts sector as part of the Government’s Kickstart scheme

What is the mission of The People's Orchestra?

FAQ's about The People's Orchestra

With an overriding vision to share the fun of music making and keep people playing and singing music, The People’s Orchestra attracts audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The organization aims to break down the barriers to engagement with classical music and to inspire, educate, and provoke positive change.

What kind of music does The People's Orchestra play?

Performances celebrate the music that features in everyday lives including film, game, popular classical music, TV and show music, alongside premieres and newly commissioned works.

How has The People's Orchestra adapted to the coronavirus pandemic?

During the pandemic, the charity moved its music-making activities online. One of its key projects was creating a series of ‘Sing Together’ interactive workshops. These free singalong workshops have been bringing music into care homes and residential homes nationally, focusing on the health and wellbeing benefits of singing. Work is also underway on a massed digital performance of a new work by the film composer John Koutselinis.

The Impact of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

This royal seal of approval is more than just an award; it’s a recognition of the tireless work of the volunteers who make The People’s Orchestra possible. Sarah Marshall, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The People’s Orchestra, expressed her delight and honour at being awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services. She noted the brilliant way in which music making has the power to help people and make a difference in their lives. Through TPO Gateway the organization offers back-to-work support to local volunteers, instilling confidence, self-esteem, and leadership, giving each person the best chance to develop the skills they need to secure a job or go on to further education.

Join the Movement

Eager to learn more about this remarkable organization and its work? You can find out more about The People’s Orchestra and its initiatives on these platforms:

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Isn’t it inspiring to see how the power of music can impact individuals and communities in such profound ways? Have you ever experienced the transformative power of music in your own life? Share your stories with us. Your story could be the spark that inspires someone else to get involved and make a difference.

If you feel moved by the work of The People’s Orchestra and want to become part of this amazing journey, don’t hesitate. If you need our help or have any questions, send us an email at hello@thepeoplesorchestra.com

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The Journey Continues

As The People’s Orchestra looks forward to receiving the award crystal and certificate from the Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands, John Crabtree OBE, later this year, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Your involvement could be the next chapter in this story of transformation and change.

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