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Most people who contact TPO Bridge to access our help, do so following a referral from their local Job Centre. This was how Mike came to get in touch with us in the autumn of 2020.

Mike had been made redundant from his job as a key account manager within the manufacturing industry and was looking to get back into work as soon as possible. With another lockdown looming it’s fair to say that he was applying for work in uncertain times.

“The support I received was excellent, my CV was improved massively, and my LinkedIn profile looked much better too,” Mike says. “It definitely gave me more confidence that my CV would be more suitable for job applications.”

Thankfully, Mike was successful and excitedly started his new job as a key account manager within the leisure and health sector in January just gone. “I like to think my new CV gave my employers the reason to follow up my application with an interview.

“You might be old like me, and have loads of experience, but always be available to listen and take help when offered, it might be one small thing that you change that works better for you. I have been made redundant 2 previous times, and never found work as quickly as I did this time, an improved CV may have just done the trick.”

It’s wonderful that we have been able to play a part in getting another hard-working individual back into employment. You don’t need to be referred to us by the Job Centre to receive the tools and guidance you need to further your own career. Just text the word ‘SUPPORT’ to 07881 279970 to get the ball rolling.

The pandemic doesn’t mean support is cancelled. It means we will adapt and support you in ways that are safe and as solid as ever.

It is important for you to have a well written CV that would be read by your potential employers.

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