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Meet Martha! - TPSC Wolverhampton #MeetTheChoirLeaders

As part of #MeetTheChoirLeaders, we got chatting to our lovely Martha Littlehales, choir leader for TPSC Wolverhampton, and how she became involved in with us:

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Midlands musician and conductor. I gained a First Class degree in Music at University of Birmingham and worked in a school for a year before deciding on a freelance career last year. I run a number of choirs, including one in a prison and have recently been made an Associate Choral Leader with St Martins-In-The-Fields. I also freelance as an accompanist and singer.

What made you want to be a choir leader?

My first music teacher, Ms Ward, always encouraged me to take choirs from about the age of 13! I’d write harmonies for groups and do arrangements, running about 3-4 a week and thought nothing of it, it was always just what I did. I spent a lot of school lunchtimes at a piano or helping to musically direct shows. I lost confidence in my ability starting at University and didn’t take any choirs. By the time I realised I wanted to be a conductor, a pandemic happened!


I started choral conducting training with Sing For Pleasure and it completely changed my life. I’ve taken every opportunity going and haven’t looked back. My closest friends have been through music-making and I want to share that feeling with everyone.

What do you like to do outside of choir leading?

I love to read, listen to lots of albums and cook. I love singing in the CBSO Chorus or in small chamber groups. But mainly, sleeping.

What are you most looking forward to with TPSC Wolverhampton?

Starting a choir completely from scratch is very exciting to me! I’d love to give people an opportunity to perform with a full band and hundreds of other voices in the massed projects that happen through The People’s Show Choir. I hope through the choir, the singers feel that they have a sense of community and an outlet to have some fun.

TPSC Wolverhampton #MeetTheChoirLeaders​ 2
"Gimme an 'A' !" - TPSC Wolves at their launch rehearsal at Springdale Methodist Church & Community Centre, 26/09/2023


I’ve added a sneaky ‘s’ to ‘musician’ here: David Bowie, Nina Simone, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon, Kate Bush… I refuse to choose just one!


I would do anything by Scott Walker, accompanied with a full orchestra. His works are pure story-telling and the orchestration is ethereal! That or an acapella eight part arrangement I’ve yet to write of ‘Heroes and Villains’ by The Beach Boys.


I did go through quite a heavy phase of listening to ‘Boom Bang a Bang’ by Lulu on repeat last year but I think I’m over the worst of it now!


A Bizza. Or a Purger. I’m not sure they exist but I’m willing to patent it!

We thank Martha for her contributions to this interview and wish her every success!


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