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Tough times can fall onto anyone, even if you have had a successful career. Lee had worked at his job in the banking and finance sector for many years, yet he was made redundant, and was in need of someone to help him back into work. At TPO Bridge, we were able to provide him with the tools and guidance needed for him to find a new job – and when he found himself in the same position just a few months ago, he came straight back to us. This is Lee’s story.

Why did you get in touch with TPO Bridge in the first place?

Back in 2018 I was referred to Mariann (TPO Bridge’s Employment Liaison Officer) after being made redundant from work after 18 years of service. In July 2020 I took voluntary redundancy and got back in touch with her because she was so helpful and supportive last time around.

What kind of support did you need?

I needed some guidance on my CV, transferable skills, and some mentoring and coaching on what could be next for me. This included help such as interview techniques and future roles I could take on.

How did we provide appropriate support? Were we available when you needed us?

Mariann’s support, guidance and empathy was outstanding. She guided and coached me on numerous occasions, checked up with me on a regular basis, gave me tips and advice which would be followed by a backup email. She was also very thoughtful and understanding, making me feel so much better and confident about myself when at times I felt down. If I needed to speak to her she would arrange a time at the earliest convenience to speak to me and also check in on me. Mariann is an absolute credit to your organisation and I can’t thank her enough for her support.

What was the outcome for you?

I have now been offered a full time role within HMRC. I feel more positive about the future and not so anxious. Thank you so much, your guidance was fantastic.

What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing our help?

Take it, grab it, I would be in touch with Mariann again in a heartbeat. I’ve recommended TPO Bridge to other people in the same situation as me.

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