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Into Work: Hannah’s Story



At TPO Bridge, we pride ourselves on helping people with a vary of different challenges get back into work. However, we also offer help for those who need advice on what to do after leaving school. It is a hard time in a young person’s life, where so many options are chucked their way at an excessive rate. Here is Hannah’s experience working with us.

Why did you contact TPO Bridge?

I needed some direction on what to do, whether that was Further Education and learning, Higher Education, or a full-time paid job. Specifically, I needed to know a variety of things, including how I would be able to fund myself through a course, the availability of courses and how to even enrol for one during a pandemic. I also wanted advice on the other options available to me, potentially in different areas, and more general CV and job interview advice.

How did TPO Bridge support you?

Support was offered to me in multiple ways. I was given accurate information on where to find courses, and encouragement in how to gain a student loan, access funding and get involved with people like National Careers Advisors. They also helped me build my CV, so it was structured correctly, with relevant information easier to read, portraying all my positive attitudes in a concise and orderly manner.

I was given excellent advice on interview technique – from what sort of questions I could be asked and how best to answer them, to preparing myself so I could relax and present my best attributes with the focus being on my knowledge and competency to do the job at hand.

It was nice having someone to ask and guide me, giving me crucial information to help me have the confidence to make an informed choice about what I want for myself.

What was the outcome of your time with us?

Help was given to me at a crucial time as I found an interesting opportunity in Business Administration with the NHS. When I got some further advice on interviews, I decided to apply for the apprenticeship. By that point I knew university wasn’t right for me.

I was called in for an interview with the NHS and, with all the advice and knowledge I had been given, I handled the interview confidently. I was successful and got offered the job and I am now an admin assistant at a hospital!

What message would you give to anyone thinking about accessing our help?

Do it, I found the whole experience really fulfilling. The support was so helpful and insightful. It’s been a positive journey of learning from beginning to end. I was given accurate and appropriate information, plus I have gained so much confidence and knowledge to help me progress in my future career path. It was great knowing someone was there with advice and a positive attitude to help me though even when I thought things looked bleak, and the advice was always given in a helpful, non-judgemental, and sincere way. I would recommend anyone who needs advice to access this service as it has helped me so much to make my first steps into gaining employment and finding a positive platform on which to start my career from.

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