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Brownsea Drive Transformation: Farewell to The Old Trefoil House, Hello To Progress

In April 2023, we said goodbye to the old Trefoil House as it has been demolished to make way for a new development on Brownsea Drive in Birmingham. But fear not, as our People’s Orchestra has moved into the new Trefoil House just over the road on Ellis Street!

Farewell To The Old Trefoil 1
Photo Credit: Athena Yu Chin Chan

Musical Memories and Artistic Achievements at Trefoil House

Since 2012 to present, it has seen lots of happy musical memories, from recording our super ensemble version of Fairytale of New York, learning how to perform Carnival of the Animals to learning how to play Diggy-Diggy-Hole for the flashmob at Yogscast! It has been of great service, in part, to how well the orchestra has played at our diverse and multi-themed concerts held across all seasons of the year.

From Demolition to Relocation: People's Orchestra's Journey to a New Venue

Moving forward, what say about our new Trefoil House? It’s bigger for start – much bigger! It has twice as many rooms, and a new kitchen! Certainly, the orchestra have appreciated the room’s ample size and that, when practicing, the acoustics sound a lot better! It certainly seems fit for the future!

We are looking forward to creating more happy memories and uplifting music together in the years to come! If you fancy joining us on our musical journey, you can do so by signing up on our website for 2 free session or a full membership HERE

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