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Alex first found The People’s Orchestra during a challenging period of his life. Having left University after five years of studying without a degree qualification and accumulating debts, this had led to Alex being turned away from further employment and support allowance. Alex continued his struggle with anxiety and depression, all whilst facing the threat of eviction during 2017.

After facing difficulty with navigating the job centre and job seekers allowance, Alex was still looking for employment. Daunted by the large gaps in his CV, Alex found it difficult to go through job applications and interview process, despite continual applications actively seeking employment.

Out of the blue, Alex was able to join The People’s Orchestra on a placement opportunity, working as a general office administrator and project coordinator, which was his first long term employment opportunity since being in education.

Throughout his time with The People’s Orchestra, Alex was able to gain a broad range of new skills that would be transferable to his future employment. Alex has undertaken research and written literature for projects, whilst preparing scripts and acting as an assistant director for multiple events. He also volunteered to help with orchestra concerts outside the typical work schedule, choosing to take part in more events and surround himself with new people.

Alex found his confidence growing and anxiety lessening through his work experience. “I felt like I was part of the team” Alex explains, “my skills and abilities were appreciated. The atmosphere in the office is fantastic and everyone is so friendly. I look forward to coming into the office”.

Alex soon found the ability to persist with his job applications until he was successful, his hard work paying off, as he was rewarded with the job and career he was seeking. Using his work experience and newfound abilities as a springboard, Alex is now able to handle customer service and communications, while helping companies running their stock portfolios from his developed expertise.

Throughout his work experience, Alex has gained a broad range of interview and CV skills, having the confidence to use them in his career progression.

“I felt I could do the job, and the confidence has paid off”, Alex advises, reflecting on his experience with The People’s Orchestra.

“If you persist in what you want, and keep applying for jobs, you will get there”.

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