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Recent Success – Back to work for TPO Volunteer

A recent volunteer with the People’s Orchestra, joining in October 2019, arrived on the recommendation of the Job Centre to gain some work experience in marketing that could help boost their CV whilst continuing to look for full time paid employment. They also were looking to build up their self-confidence and office abilities in anticipation of their first employment role. 

Since joining the orchestra with a voluntary work placement, our volunteer has been able to make significant marketing and social media contributions within the office environment with positivity and enthusiasm. They have been involved with numerous projects and workshops to gain a wide variety of experience crucial for their CV. Their favourite workshop, Page to Stage, has been excellent for improving confidence through new artistic avenues also, something that has proven valuable for understanding their targeted marketing aims. Their communication skills have also developed through the open plan office allowing regular moral support and advice throughout, including career guidance and CV reviews. The volunteers and staff at The People’s Orchestra are very friendly” they explain, “it creates an excellent positive work environment”.  

After volunteering with TPO, our volunteer was able to confirm their success in starting their first full time paid employment as a Customer Service Advisor. On reflecting over their work placement, our volunteer commented, “It is a great opportunity to gain useful work experience in a friendly environment and access support and resources. I would recommend The People’s Orchestra to anybody who is interested in improving their career prospects and improving their skills, as there is a wide variety of roles available”. 

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