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Are you a musician?

Haven't picked up your favourite instrument in a while...

We need you! Yes, you!

Come along and join the group and find that rhythm of yours.

Rekindle your passion for playing with The Rusty Players Orchestra!

Starting in January 2020, there will be weekly rehearsals on Monday evenings (6-8pm) at Moseley Community Hub for those who want to dust off their instrument and get back into the swing of things - or even those who have taken up a new instrument and are looking for a friendly, relaxed ensemble to join.

The Rusty Players Orchestra will be led by David Curtis, who has extensive experience as a performer and conductor in professional, educational and community settings, in a career spanning forty years.

It has been recognised that many people who learnt instruments in their youth are keen to get back into playing, but are concerned that they are a little rusty, which puts them off joining other groups. We are a friendly, relaxed ensemble, specifically designed for those who are either new to playing or returning after a break.

We recommend that players are confident in reading music, but there are no auditions, and everyone is welcome to come to a free taster session to see if it is the right fit for them before signing up as a member.

Please complete the contact form for more information, or phone 0121 569 2616.

  • No auditions required.
  • Weekly rehearsals
  • All ages welcome.
  • Saxophone section included.
  • No grade certification required.

Not ready to jump in yet or have a question?

Feel free to come to rehearsals and see what it is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other orchestras have unusual instrumentation, so what makes this one any different?

By playing with The People's Orchestra you will be helping the charity change the lives of unemployed people in one of the most deprived areas of England. Our back to work programmes are very successful and we are delighted to see people who have helped host orchestra concerts go on to have successful careers.

Is The People’s Orchestra a charity?

Yes, it’s actually a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) – a new type of charity. Fun fact: The People's Orchestra was the first orchestra to register as a CIO in the UK. * Charity number: 1151321

Do I have to attend every rehearsal?

No, we don’t mind if you miss a few rehearsals. We understand you may need to fit rehearsals around family life and work commitments, that’s fine.

If I can’t make the next concert will I lose my place?

Nope, see you at the next one.

What are the fees and what do you get for your money?

Fees are £25 per month or £12 for students. Bursaries are available for unwaged or low-income earners. You’ll have access to 200+ hours per year of professionally-led music performance training, 4-8 shows, up to 12 community events and 2-6 recording days per year.

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