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Zainib – “A more confident person”

“Working for The People’s Orchestra has been an amazing experience for me. When I applied at the Orchestra, I had thought that I wouldn’t get many opportunities but that wasn’t the case. The People’s Orchestra is working non-stop and there’s a lot of opportunity for everyone out there. I gained a lot work experience, and even got the opportunity to get paid work.

The most fun part me has to be working with the staff on promotional and marketing activities for the concerts. So, I would be contacting newspaper editors and getting articles in the newspaper, TV promotions, creating the press release, and all activities behind the scenes for the actual concert date. When you are able to see the progress and all the hard work that goes into the concert it is a proud moment, and it motivates you to do even better the next time.

The staff have been amazing, very friendly and will make you laugh to the point you can’t breathe. I have not only gained work experience in relation to my degree, but also have developed as a person, I have become more confident. This is all because Sarah saw capabilities in me which I never knew I had, and pushed me to bring out the best in myself.  Anyone who wishes to gain more skills and enjoy their work experience, should definitely work at The People’s ORchestra, no matter what their subject”.

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