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Members of The People's Orchestra, The Rusty Player Orchestra and The People's Show Choirs performing Feeling Good.
Image (above): Members of The People’s Orchestra, The Rusty Players Orchestra and The People’s Show Choirs performing Feeling Good.

We’ve got a couple of these virtual recordings under our belt now, and a few more on the way.

In fact…


Saturday 22nd August 2020, 5pm

TPO Virtual Summer Concert, LIVE Online Broadcast

Right, that’s the shameless plug out of the way! Let’s get back to it.

We’re really proud of our virtual projects, and the effort that our players have put into them…they look super swanky and polished, and sophisticated….wait – what have they done with our normal players?!

Only joking!

Kidding aside, the videos make it look easy, right?

So, we thought we’d share with you some of the home set-ups that our members have had to use in order to get the camera angle just right, as well as be able to see their music and have their headphones attached to be able to hear the click track, and space to actually play their instrument, etc…

Oh, and don’t forget that the device they used to take their picture with is normally in there too, as the recording device!

Manda (The People’s Orchestra Saxophonist)

The People's Orchestra saxophonist Manda's home recording set-up.

It’s a good job that Manda had a spare music stand to hold everything! She has even invested in wireless headphones to make life easier, as they just simply did not reach as far as she needed. Great idea 

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that biscuit reinforcement is at the ready too – this is to keep those energy levels up when you’re on ‘Take 2,357’… (Did I mention that we have to do it in one take? Harder than it sounds!)

Kevin (Rusty Players Orchestra Trumpeter)

Rusty Player Kevin's home recording set-up

Now, on first viewing, Kevin’s set up looks rather minimal, and even (dare I say it?) quite sophisticated! But if you look closely, that is actually two pots of screws and an Allen key propping up his phone, sat on top of a box, which is on top of a table, which is on top of a bigger table!

It’s important to get the angle just right, after all.

Helen (Rusty Players Orchestra Flautist)

Rusty Player Helen's home recording set-up

In order for Helen to get the angle *just right* for her 6 ft frame we have another table on a table, plus boxes, and then to top it all off – a box of tissues holding up the laptop! Rather precariously, I might add…brave lady!

We hadn’t considered that this process would be more difficult the taller you are…but it makes sense! Hats off to Helen for improvising with what she had to hand.

Rachel (The People’s Orchestra Clarinetist)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! That is a set of steps on top of a bed, with some books balanced on top to hold the phone at the correct height. Then the music stand to hold the music in line with the camera angle, and of course, the obligatory laptop and headphones for the click track.

Rachel also let us in on a wardrobe secret. ‘Concert dress’ for the Feeling Good video was ‘Black Tie/Ball’ and the only thing she had at her parents’ house (where she is spending lockdown) was her Year 11 prom dress from 10 years ago…you’d never know she was being held in by just a few pins and ribbons! (See if you can spot her in the video below, in the pink ball gown…oh, and her clarinet gets its own bow tie too!)

Watch our first video in the Symphonic Legends Series below.

You can get involved in the next one by signing up as an online member for either the choir or orchestra. Contact us if you have any questions about it.

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