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Video Games – Children’s ‘access point’ to Classical Music

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra suggests more young people are discovering classical music through video games than live concerts. 

  • Video game music is a perfect introduction to classical music for children. 
  • Exposure to orchestral music at a young age is amazing as it sparks their interest early on, associating it with something they enjoy – video games.  
  • There are numerous health benefits to music and therefore having access to it from an early age is really positive. 
  • The RPO commissioned a survey from YouGov where children age 6-16 were asked about how they experienced classical music. 15% of participants said they listened to classical music ‘when its part of a computer game I’m playing’ and only 11% answered ‘when I go to music concerts’.  
  • Video game music attracts very ‘prestigious’ composers and is recognised as an ‘art form in its own right’.  

Video game music has grown in popularity over the past few years and is regularly featured in Classic FM Hall of Fame.  

In 2017, the RPO teamed up with Classical FM to present PlayStation in concert, a night at the Royal Albert Hall dedicated to playing computer game music. This attracted a fascinating audience, many of whom had never been to a live concert before. 



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Article written by: Maddy Shaw Roberts 

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