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Video Games and the Brain

ATTENTION TO ALL GAMERS AND MUSIC LOVERS – did you know, that background video game music is actually good for your brain? Read on to find out why!

According to Scientific studies, music in general stimulates the brain, by keeping individuals energised, motivated, and even productive. This is because music releases dopamine in your brain, a neurotransmitter which makes us happy. Of course, a happier mood leads to an increase in thinking of new ideas, having a more positive mindset when dealing with problems, as well as treating repetitive tasks as a fun activity. One study (1) even found that nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music- more of a reason to plug in those earphones in the workplace!

How about video game music?

Unsurprisingly, video game music is specifically designed to motivate players, by creating some sense of engagement and excitement—without making it exhausting. It sets a mood which strives for achievement, whilst simultaneously keeping up a good and fast-paced (but never distracting) rhythm. The fact that the background music has no actual words also plays part in boosting performance, since our brains are designed to detect and pay close attention to human voices. Human speech, therefore musical lyrics can easily slip into our range of hearing, which keeps our minds wandering. Another study (2) set in open offices, found that continuous background noise actually boosted performance, as opposed to broadcasted speech, which was described as the ‘most disturbing’.

There we have it folks! Why not put it to the test and attend our Game On concert, which is only less than a month away! Click here to buy your tickets.

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