The Choral Toolkit - The Extras


General information and Market Research

In this section, you will find some free/cheap advertising methods we can use to promote The People’s Orchestra and its services to boost recruitment and revenue.


Advertisement Methods


Email Marketing

Based on 2018 data, email marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing strategy beating SEO, Social media and affiliate marketing.

TPO can generate a list of emails that are available on the internet (for example government website listing all local organisations like youth groups, day care centres etc) and email them monthly regarding orchestra/choir recruitment and volunteering. Below is the link for emails/contacts of our local organisations.


Yell listing

Listing on Yell is free. There are a few Orchestras on the yell directory, showing us that it can work. This may not work in recruiting younger members but is likely to work in recruiting older members both for the music side and volunteering.


Online listing

Get listed on pages advertising choirs and orchestras (see links below)


New audience (wedding venues/ Event planners)

Get in touch with wedding venues and event planners via email. Try attracting a new audience.


Brochures and flyers

Print flyers and place them in local community groups (with permission) like libraries, youth centres, universities.


Other ways to help promotion



Use particular keywords within SEO. For example, Music video, Free music, Choir hire, music band, rent a choir etc.


Discussions and forums

Join in the music talk, connect with likeminded people, expand your network.



Through word-of-mouth marketing we can reach a wider audience. Ask TPO members to spread the message across to their family, friends and colleagues. If we have members in education, ask them to connect us to their university and its music societies.


Enter your business for awards

A lot organisations that get nominated request that nomination. Whether or not you win an award, your organisations name can come across a wide audience and you may get invited to events, a perfect opportunity to network!


Attend networking events

Due to current circumstances, events have been cancelled. However, once they are back on you can attend events and network with a wider audience and build relationships. This does not have to be major events, just local or music related events.



In progress - You can reach people who don’t have time to search for choirs/orchestras/voluntary work. You will be able to connect with people who are on the go (I.e., school runs, commuters etc)


Collaborate with other local businesses and non-profit organisations

Some communities host events, you can collaborate with them and be part of their event. This can include schools, charity campaigns etc.



There are millions of businesses and useful contacts on LinkedIn. TPO can use this platform to gain sponsors and even get businesses to hire us for events and conferences. LinkedIn over the past year has been a popular platform for hosting victual events. We can host free workshops or discuss important topics like volunteering to attract members and businesses.