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Today’s news – the decline of music in schools

This article caught our eye today:

Chancellor urged to ‘urgently review’ music education

– its one of the reasons we want to get TPO Xtra up and running as soon as possible.

Did you know that:

1. The majorit of schools no longer have compulsory music lessons from Year 9. Six years ago, 84 per cent of schools insisted on music in Year 9.

2. Some schools did not offer music as a curriculum subject in Year 7 and in others it was taught only on an “enrichment day”.

3. More than a third (35.8 per cent) of schools had fewer staff in music departments than two years ago, while staffing levels had risen in just 14.6 per cent of schools – mainly in line with pupil numbers.

4. Some 18 per cent of schools did not offer GCSE music, and 8 per cent of those schools that did offer GCSE music offered it outside of core curriculum time (e.g., after school).

5. Almost a third of schools (31 per cent) had one or fewer full-time equivalent members of staff in the music department.

6. In the survey, 59 per cent of respondents felt that the EBacc had had a negative impact on provision and uptake of music in their school.

7. Some 70 per cent of music teacher respondents reported teaching outside their subject area since 2016.

(from a study by Sussex University)

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