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Blue Light

The People’s Show Choir welcomes all members of our local community, and proudly offers Blue Light Membership to all NHS Workers, First Responders and Members of the Forces.  Membership allows unlimited access to all our Show Choir resources, including backing tracks, demo tracks and Vocal recordings for each part. You will also gain access to our sheet music for upcoming concerts and events, as well as performance notes on select pieces, to help you get the most out of your singing experience. If you have a Blue Light card please use this option.


The People’s Show Choir offers a membership for those students and those over 60 years of age looking to take part in our choirs. Membership includes full access to our specialist projects including our programme of events to celebrate the Commonwealth during the summer of 2022 in Birmingham, as well as vast arrays of materials included with TPSC, spanning from sheet music, performance notes across to demo tracks and vocal tracks. Rehearsals are weekly, currently held online, though membership will cover both online and in person performances. Dedicated support is offered, as well as priority in ticket purchases at concert times.

Adult Full

Membership for The People’s Show Choir allows access to in person and online rehearsals, as well as introducing members to our new Sing From Your Sofa programme. Classes are professionally lead in locations across the Midlands, with access being provided to online demo tracks, vocal tracks, sheet music and performance notes.

Young People

Membership for all young people aged 9  to 14 years is free with any accompanying Adult Full Member, Blue Light Member or Concession.