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The Extraordinary Medical Powers of Music

Listening to the ‘World’s Most Relaxing Song’ before surgery could be as good at calming patients nerves as medication.  

  • In a study of 157 people, half of the patients were given the drug Midazolam and the other half were played the song Weightless by UK band Macaroni Union while having an anaesthetic to numb a region of the body.  
  • Patient anxiety was reduced the same in each group. 
  • The next step in research is to find out whether the type of music and how it is played would make a difference to the results. 
  • Drugs can have many side effects and need constant monitoring by Doctors. However, playing music is harm free, inexpensive and can save Doctors time considerably. 
  • Music will also benefit patients as they can be more comfortable, and they will not have the uncertainty of taking drugs. 

Other ways Music has been used in Medicine: 

  • It has been used in brain surgery to monitor brain function. 
  • It has helped people cope with Autism. 
  • It has also helped unlock memories and improve lives of people with Dementia.


Read the rest of the article here:

Article written by BBC News. 


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