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At The People’s Orchestra, we are very thankful to our musicians who have supported us throughout the whole COVID-19 crisis. We’re happy to announce the beginning of a new programme which will give something back to all of our members – who have really supported our community through recordings and engaged with the virtual materials and rehearsals!

We have started a collaboration with professional musicians, who will work with our orchestra members in what will surely be an enriching experience for all involved. All aspects of this project will be completely free for TPO members. Members have a choice of receiving a one-on-one masterclass with a world-renowned musician of their own instrument. As an alternative, members can choose a performance coaching session with the wonderful Amy Littlewood, focusing on the psychology around performing to your best.

This will be a unique experience for anyone who wants to improve their playing skills or even to just have half-an-hour with someone who has travelled the world, mastering some of the most recognisable orchestral pieces and working with famous faces. We have pro musicians for every instrument so no one will feel left out!

Speaking of this special opportunity, Orchestra Manager, Liz Read, says: “We recognise that our musicians have been unable to get together and rehearse throughout the pandemic, which has been really disheartening. Through working with inspirational and accomplished musicians from around the world, we hope that our players will have the opportunity to enrich their performance skills while keeping their passion for playing their instrument alive during this tough period.”

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