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Community choir launches ‘Sing From Your Sofa’ project to ease the quarantine blues

Community choir launches ‘Sing From Your Sofa’ project to ease the quarantine blues

The People’s Show Choir launched their exciting new digital project, Sing From Your Sofa, on Saturday 18th April for members to continue singing from the comfort of their own home.

Due to the current situation around Covid-19, choirs are not able to rehearse or perform in person at the moment, but The People’s Show Choir are not allowing that to stop their members from singing together.

Some new arrangements of well-known songs were due to be launched to the choirs this week during their usual rehearsals in preparation for a July concert. Instead, The People’s Show Choir has created online learning resources and rehearsal notes so that choir members can learn the songs from the comfort of their own home. Once they have learnt the tracks, members will be invited to record themselves singing and submit this to be part of a large virtual performance.

While ‘virtual choir’ projects seem to be increasingly popular at the moment, what makes this one stand out is that it is in collaboration with its parent charity: The People’s Orchestra. The People’s Orchestra will be accompanying the choir in these digital performances – making it one of only a few digital collaborations to involve both choir and orchestra together. Not only that, but once it is safe to gather again, these tracks will be performed live in concert together.

Ula Weber, Choral Programme Director, explains more about why it’s so important to keep members singing, “We have four songs ready to go, specially arranged for this project by Baz Chapman and Tim Jackson. Singing has clinically proven benefits to our health and wellbeing, so taking the project online ensures our choirs can continue to thrive throughout this difficult time.”

As Sing From Your Sofa is being delivered online, people are able to take part from anywhere in the world, so The People’s Show Choir have opened up an ‘online membership’ option for those who would like to take part. Simply go to the website to register your interest and find out more:

The People’s Show Choir is a group of community choirs, and part of registered charity The People’s Orchestra (charity no. 1151321), who use music and live performances in order to provide volunteer placements for the unemployed, NEET and those recovering from mental ill-health. All membership fees go straight back into the charity’s work to support the most vulnerable in our society – so you could help to get someone’s life back on track, simply by singing from your sofa!

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