Our Rusty Players Orchestra - South Birmingham

rehearses in South Birmingham on a

Monday evening from 7:00pm to 9pm.




Rehearsals are held at:

The Bowling Alley at

The Selly Park Tavern, 592 Pershore Road,

Birmingham,  B29 7HQ.


Plan your journey to rehearsals:

By Bus: NX Bus or Diamond Bus

By Metro: West Midlands Metro 

By Train: Trainline



The Conductor for our South Birmingham Rusty Player's Orchestra is Bradley Wilson.

Bradley Wilson is a talented trumpet player and has previously taught himself to play a wide range of instruments including the Native American flute, Kalimba, African guitars, Djembes and Cajon.

Bradley is in his third year at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and is excited to conduct such a diverse group of musicians.

“TRPO gives anyone from any walk of life a chance to be involved in music making with all the pressure taken off. As a conductor I want to make everyone feel included no matter their ability, that is not to say I don’t push the orchestra to be the best that it can be. But we will be pushed as a group... never individually.”