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Rain didn’t stop play!

On Saturday 8th September our orchestra players were accompanied by the incredible conductor Rob Spalton for his debut concert with The Peoples Orchestra! And what a memorable concert it was!

Saturday at Walsall Arboretum began as a beautiful day. Through the nerve-racking dress rehearsals our members prepared for their Grandest Concert of all. However, this quickly changed when the weather did.

Soon, the rain poured, and it did not have any signs of stopping. Our loyal crowd braved the weather and the orchestra knew they had to play on. Thus, resulted in our 150-member crowd burrowing under their brollies and their two-man tents for the spectacular film-music celebration.

Our orchestra, in fear of getting their instruments wet, were unable to brace the stage and played from within the safe walls of the band stage. Unfortunately, the lack of space meant that no timpani drums were able to perform. Meanwhile, Rob valiantly stood in the harsh rain and conducted beautifully. However, this did not stop them from delivering an enchanting concert which showcased some of the all-time best movie soundtracks.

Despite the weather, it was an incredible concert in which our orchestra played the likes of: The Greatest Showman, Harry Potter, The Incredibles and Jurassic Park!

What a gig, amazing resilience everyone in very wet conditions. Never have we all been so close… literally. Hope you have all warmed up. A great job done by everyone, Walsall Council and the audience loved it.
Thank you Rob Spalton conducting – Good job done in difficult circumstances. Welcome to TPO!

We have been ecstatic with the feedback and can’t wait to play again! The People’s Orchestra would also like to give a huge thank you to Walsall Arboretum for having us – we can’t wait to come back and play again! (With better weather hopefully)!#

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