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Vision – Artistic and Musical Projections Project (Commonwealth Community Music Initiative) 

Are you an artist, musician, singer, composer, photographer, or an otherwise creative person from a Commonwealth nationWe’d love to showcase your work! 

Vision is a collaborative library of music and artwork from across the Commonwealth, from which we will create short videos that can be shared with all participating nations, showcasing the best of artists and musicians from across the Commonwealth. These videos will be projected onto spaces in and around our city of Birmingham and The Black Country and we encourage participating nations to do the same in their local areas.

If you are a creative person, making music or art in any format, we’d love to showcase your work in our collaborative Commonwealth library. Submit your creative work – video, audio, photography etc., and these submissions will be selected and compiled into artistic video works which will be projected into local communities worldwide.

We will send you all relevant resources you will need for submitting your contribution as well as access to the finished video works, and we’d love for you to project these video works into your own area to highlight your national landscape.   

The video works will be shared around the world during the summer of 2022 to celebrate the Commonwealth and its music. 

  • – Submissions will be selected through open calls via social media channels and networks, on a voluntary basis. 
  • – Submissions will be compiled into video works which will be projected onto local landscapes, and shared with participants to share in their local area as well. 
  • – Creators will get to showcase their work internationally as part of this Commonwealth celebration 


All music and artwork needs to be submitted by February 2022. 

Submissions received after this date will not be accepted. 

Commonwealth-wide artistic library highlighting international musicianship and local landscapes.   

  • – Full video and audio pieces to be projected throughout summer of 2022 and across the Commonwealth. 
  • – Growing in creative confidence, the opportunity to promote the work of international creators and kindle new friendships 
  • – Establishing international relationships for art and music-making and celebrating the Commonwealth together.