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Page To Stage: Music For Mental Health

It is widely acknowledged and accepted now that music has a significant, positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, with many people turning to their creative talents and some companies even establishing workplace choirs to improve staff well-being. 

As the world is beginning to open up about mental health, The People’s Orchestra are giving you a platform to share your experiences and raise the profile of this important issue through our Page To Stage project, which kicks off with a poetry and composition workshop on Saturday 16th November 2019, at West Bromwich Town Hall, 1pm-6pm.  

Book your place here.

As it is World Mental Health Day today, we took the opportunity to chat to our Orchestra Manager, Liz Read, to find out why she is so excited about this project:  

The People’s Orchestra is well-known for its lively concerts, colourful t-shirts and love of film music – but not many people realise that we are also a registered charity that supports marginalised sections of the community through many initiatives, including volunteer programmes, community events and social inclusion projects. As such, we witness the impact music can have on a wide range of people from all walks of life.  

Music has no prejudice. Music has no limitations. Music is for everyone. 

The Page To Stage Project is particularly important to us because it is a chance for ANYONE to come along and enjoy a day of music making alongside our orchestra and choir members, whether they have musical training or not, and at the same time provides a platform for us all to discuss the increasingly-important topic of mental health and learn from each other about our experiences.  

We are especially excited to have Kirsty Devaney leading the composition workshop – Kirsty has worked with the orchestra before and produced some great material with us. The soundscapes and ideas we generate on the day will be combined by her into a fully-commissioned work for The People’s Orchestra and Show Choirs to premier in a concert next year to raise awareness around mental health.  

For the Page To Stage: Music For Mental Health Day we hope to engage people who suffer from or care for someone with mental ill health right through to mental health professionals who are keen to share their knowledge with us. Or, you may just take an interest in mental health and well-being and want to come along and make some music.

All are welcome – we just ask that you bring an open mind, your voice/instrument and a willingness to be guided through the creative process.  


If being hands-on isn’t your cup of tea, you can always come and enjoy one of our upcoming concerts: 

Film Greats: Fantastic Worlds – Wednesday 23rd October, West Bromwich Town Hall 

Something Magical: Santa’s Playlist – Saturday 14th December, West Bromwich Town Hall 

Tickets are available at or email You can also follow the event on Facebook.

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