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New ‘Rusty Players’ Orchestra To Reignite People’s Passion For Playing

Residents of Birmingham and the surrounding area are being given the opportunity to rekindle their passion for playing with the new local Rusty Players Orchestra.

Starting in January 2020, there will be weekly rehearsals for those who want to dust off their instrument and get back into the swing of things.

The Rusty Players Orchestra will be led by David Curtis, who has extensive experience as a performer and conductor in professional, educational and community settings, in a career spanning forty years.

Hosting weekly rehearsals on Mondays (6-8pm) at Moseley Community Hub, The Rusty Players Orchestra will welcome those who want to go back to an instrument they used to play – or even those who have taken up a new instrument and are looking for a friendly, relaxed ensemble to join.

The Rusty Players Orchestra is a subsidiary of The People’s Orchestra – an advanced amateur orchestra who perform regularly with concerts of film, game and light classical music.

Sarah Marshall, CEO of The People’s Orchestra, explains why they have decided to set up The Rusty Players Orchestra: “It has been recognised that many people who learnt instruments in their youth are keen to get back into playing, but are concerned that they are a little rusty, which puts them off joining other groups.

“Rusty Players is also open to people learning an instrument for the first time as an adult – playing in a group like The Rusty Players Orchestra will quickly improve your playing and build your confidence while having fun in a relaxed environment!”

TPO clarinettists in dress rehearsal
TPO clarinettists in rehearsal (l-r): Lindsay, Lizzie, Hannah and Becca


The Rusty Players Orchestra recommends players are confident in reading music, but there are no auditions and everyone is welcome to come to a free taster session to see if it is the right fit for them.

For more information, or to sign up for a free taster session, please visit our ‘Join Us‘ page or email



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5 thoughts on “New ‘Rusty Players’ Orchestra To Reignite People’s Passion For Playing”

  1. I would like to play my violin in an orchestra, I have had lessons for a couple of years now after giving up as a child. Work in progress!

  2. I started playing my clarinet again a year and a half ago, with fortnightly lesson. This seems like exactly what I need. Are you still planning to run this at some point?

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