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Alex’s Story – from volunteer to paid employment

Alex Montague was one of the volunteers on our volunteering programme a year ago. Suffering with depression and anxiety since a young age, Alex came to The People’s Orchestra with no recent experience and no references or long-term employment. With most of his employment history being from his education, Alex faced the daunting task of filling a large gap in his CV. TPO helped make the impossible very possible for Alex.

In his few months with us he was Project Coordinator for The People’s Orchestra and our sister company The Change Consortium. Alex was given endless opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends, learn what it means to work as part of a team in a professional environment and expand on any previous skills from his education employment.

“Through the work experience at The People’s Orchestra everything changed.”

Alex grew not only professionally, but also as a person. His confidence grew rapidly and he was doing things that he had previously thought he wouldn’t be doing. Alex was actively involved in all areas of our volunteer programme and took advantage of every opportunity. He was involved in researching, writing for projects, volunteering to help at TPO concerts, preparing videos and scripts, and had the chance to be an assistant director for the media team.

“At the end it paid off with the job that I was after. It gave me a spring board for my career.”

Alex felt at home in our office with our team – friendly, professional and fun! Whilst building his skills, Alex also enjoyed getting to know the staff and have them get to know him. He looked forward to coming in everyday, enjoying a good laugh and chat with our team. At TPO we want our volunteers to be part of the team and not feel like outsiders, and we achieved this with Alex. His skills and abilities never went unnoticed, they were analysed and appreciated at all times. With the support of our team Alex built a solid base in his employment gap. He found the motivation to persist with job applications, adding to his CV and attending interviews.

“I was helped to achieve what it was I came to achieve.”

“Every moment of my time I spent there it was adding to my skills. It was improving me as a person.”

Sarah Marshall (Managing Director) also invested into Alex. TPO and everything we stand for believe in investing in our volunteers and developing them in every way we can in order to prepare them for the world of work. Sarah put faith in Alex’s skills and abilities, further trusting him on projects he was involved with.

“I would seriously recommend anyone to volunteer here. Anyone who came here will add to their life one way or another, and especially to their CV.”

Alex successfully found work after volunteering with us at TPO. He now works in a customer service role where he helps the company run their stock folios and administers parts of their company they cannot manage, alongside also providing top-quality customer service.

Before volunteering with us Alex felt that you have to be confident and believe it. He didn’t believe this, but after volunteering with us he came to believe it. With much personal persistence and support from the team Alex achieved his goals.

Join our volunteering programme and become part of a legacy of success stories.


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