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Martin’s Story

Martin heard about The People’s Orchestra through his niece, who had joined regular rehearsals as a cellist. With both a love of music spanning from classical to Black Sabbath and the potential for a work placement, Martin went through his local job centre to secure an interview with the company. After learning more about the orchestra’s aims, Martin signed up in April 2019 and began straight away, undertaking a voluntary position to help organise the music library. 

Since joining The People’s Orchestra, Martin’s confidence has had a big boost and now finds it easier to communicate with all kinds of people. Martin has also learned some valuable computer skills, which he has previously struggled with using, and puts them to use while applying for jobs and creating spreadsheets. He enjoys participating during event and having the opportunity to enjoy regular live performances. Martin has also benefitted outside of his volunteering placement, having found himself busy enough to help him quit smoking – a lifelong aim of his. 

Martin continues to enjoy volunteering alongside the orchestra. He recommends The People’s Orchestra to others, because “it’s a lovely place to be and the people are great”. 

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