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Local Orchestra to continue training and support through volunteer placements

Residents of Sandwell and West Bromwich are set to continue benefiting from the TPO Bridge project, where the local community will be given opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem through the production of live events.

Based in Sandwell since March 2013, The People’s Orchestra’s (TPO) 3 year Bridge project will enable to local long term unemployed community to work in teams to create and deliver concerts and multimedia performances alongside a variety of established orchestras and show choirs. In doing so, volunteers will be supported to gain valuable experience to help them gain employment, formal training or further education.

TPO Bridge will strive to meet the needs of those with low recent experience, low confidence, or face other barriers to work or training. TPO Bridge will also endeavour to aid its local wider community, including supporting the elderly in both wellbeing and enjoyment, alongside those who are isolated or looked after.

Sandwell and West Bromwich face numerous economic and social challenges that TPO Bridge has been designed to address, being one of the highest rated areas of deprivation and highest poverty rate among young people.

The local public are invited to engage in one to one support and group sessions with professionals, where they will expand their skills in CV writing, job searching skills, job applications, online health and safety information, interview planning/ techniques and mock interviews, all whilst receiving continuing advice through a structured tailored programme.

TPO Bridge has already benefited many volunteers, as Office Administrator and Project Coordinator Alex explains, reflecting on his time with TPO. “I had no recent references or recent long term employment”, Alex explains “I didn’t think anyone would ever hire me. But through my work experience, my confidence grew and my anxiety lessened. I was researching and preparing videos and acting as an assistant director during filming projects. I was building my skills and doing things I never thought I would do”.

We would like to thank our funders including National Lottery Community Projects, Henry Smith, Trusthouse and Garfield Weston

If you are interested in taking part in the TPO Bridge project and developing your skills, or would like to find out more about other projects ongoing at TPO, please visit our website at, or contact us or 0121 569 2616.

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