Friends of TPO

How we make a difference

The People's Orchestra is a unique mixed arts multi-media project that reinvents amateur orchestra performance. Its artistry and engagement showcase the artforms impact on social change in our community. The orchestra reaches over 6,000 people live and over 1.5 million people online and by broadcast per year.

Working in one of the most deprived areas of England and being in an area of higher than average unemployment, the orchestra has helped 252 unemployed people back into work by providing valuable work placements in the creative arts and business sector. 81% of our volunteers get paid work after volunteering with us. Independent evaluators have shown that for every £1 invested with The People’s Orchestra £27 is invested back into the local community.

In an area where people need extra support to get into paid work, the charity provides all musicians and volunteers with free access to professional support for: CV writing, job application(s), job search and interview techniques, mental health issues and performance anxiety.

The charity also provides over 200 hours of professionally led music performance training per year; hosting 4 to 8 large Community Care concerts and performing up to 20 events in and around our local community per year. We provide instruments for musicians who are unable to afford an instrument, so they can continue to play.

No one is excluded. The charity enables up to 800 elderly and disabled local people to attend concerts per year. We provide low-priced or free tickets at a venue which is easily accessible for them. Up to 80 wheelchair users alongside their careers, families and friends also attend each of our concerts.

In an area of higher than average unemployment where people need extra support to get into paid work all musicians and volunteers have free access to professional support for CV writing, job application, job search and interview techniques, mental health issues and performance anxiety.

Why be a friend of the Orchestra?

Your donation as a Friend of The People’s Orchestra will go towards the annual £300,000 we need to cover the costs of our Volunteer Matters Work Placement Programme, our Care-In-The-Community Concert Programme and our Musicians Care Programme.

Donations to the charity are 100% deductible from Corporation Tax. For the next 12 months donations may be matched by Arts Council England under their Evolve Programme.

What you can expect from us

Being an Orchestra friend starts at £5.00 per month.

We will:

  • Give you 2 free tickets to a concert of your choice and reduced tickets to all other events
  • Give you free music downloads and poster downloads
  • Regularly inform you as to how your support is being used to benefit musicians in the Black Country & Birmingham
  • Keep you updated with news about the Orchestra
  • Invite you to all The People’s Orchestra events
  • Encourage you to take part in challenges and events for The People’s Orchestra

For more information on how you can become an Orchestra Friend and the impact your donation will make

Please contact Sarah Marshall, on 0121 569 2616 or email