Community Partner

Our Community Partnership Programs seeks to develop, through co-engagement, high quality music, multimedia and cultural activity people in our local community. We are interested in opportunities that represent a significant strategic development to enable the provision of arts and cultural activities to become more sustainable locally.

What are our objectives?

  • To encourage music and cultural participation in activity for all sectors of our community
  • To increase demand, and the provision of, high quality music, multimedia and cultural activity for people in areas of lowest participation
  • To increase the level of Arts Award moderations and the number of schools with an Artsmark (where applicable)

Community Partnership is intended to:

  • Unlock new sources of revenue for arts and cultural activities by providing those we invest in with financial leverage bringing together our orchestra, Community Care organisations and potential investors
  • Enable emerging partnerships to develop into long term relationships
  • Encourage a collaborative approach to community engagement
  • Enable the development of new skills and capacities
  • Incentivise supporters to commit to a longer-term community led relationship