Commonwealth Vision

Making music with orchestras and choirs around the world

The fourth and final strand of our Commonwealth initiative is titled ‘Vision’. We are interested in growing international music-making networks; pushing actionable agendas for change; bringing people closer together; encouraging collaborations with music business, artists, cultural institutions and education; and sharing great projects. This initiative is intended to showcase the best of artists and musicians from across the Commonwealth, in a way that also highlights the value of each participant’s national landscape.

 What is Vision?

This project involves gathering music and artwork  from a variety of communities across The Commonwealth to create videos which can be shared during the lifetime of the Commonwealth Games’ cultural festival (March to September 2022). These will be selected through a series of open calls via social media channels and networks, on a voluntary basis. The video works will be projected onto unloved walls and pavements across the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) area, and we’d love other nations to do the same, using art to fill local space and music to fill the silence. We need musicians, composers and orchestras to create and play original compositions or other beloved pieces, showcasing their local music, so that their local areas can be showcased via these video works. There is scope within this project to also highlight the work of artists, photographers, videographers and other styles of art.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being part of this project, please fill out our contact form to register your interest.  There is no limit to the number of compositions that can be submitted through the open calls, however we reserve the right to not include every piece in this project. From the outset we have had conversations with music organisations across The Commonwealth, and this project will rely on these relationships with international musicians and artists to ensure the success of this initiative. We want to be showcasing the best of all participating nations, and we need your input to produce the highest quality projections we can, so please get involved if you are an interested musician, composer, or artist from any participating commonwealth nation. We will also be creating a library of these works, so any participating members can access these works to broadcast in their own regions.


For this project we’d need to have all music submitted by February 2022 (but the sooner the better!). Then, as part of the selection process, we will match international and local artists with these recordings and create the final video edits. Full video and audio pieces will then be produced