For Composers

Registration is Now Open for Commonwealth Residents

What is ‘Spirit’?  

Entries for our composition competition are now open. Sign up to be in with a chance of winning £150 and a space in our piece of global music, showcasing the artistic brilliance and diversity of the Commonwealth. 

Composers will need to send in a sixteen-bar composition over the bassline which we will provide. Chosen by our renowned judges, there will be one winner from each country. Winning composers will then need to send us a video performance for inclusion in the final video, showcasing all of the successful compositions. Winners will receive a copy of this to view and share with their communities. 

Why Join?  

  • This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your artistic abilities to a global audience. 
  • You will be part of an international celebration of the cultural values of the Commonwealth. 
  • The chance to win a cash prize of £150

How do I get involved?  

To sign up, please complete this form. If you would like to contact us before signing up, ask us any questions or would like further information, please email us at

You must sign up by November 30th, 2021, and the final date for composition submission is February 3rd, 2022. 

We would love as many people as possible to be involved in this, and as such there is no limit to the number of people or groups who can take part.  

Please note that submissions may be exempt from use if they do not fall within our specified criteria. 

Please submit your composition in the form of an mp3 file, with a score and a short paragraph about your piece. 

Sign Up Here

Composition Guidelines  

Compositions must fulfil the below requirements of entry:  

    - The composition must be exactly sixteen bars long, set to the sixteen-bar bassline we give you.   

    - Your sixteen-bar piece must start and end on the tonic  

    - You are not allowed to transpose the key  

    - You may not alter the time signature or given tempo  

    - You can compose for any instrumentation and in any musical style you like.   

 At this stage, we may also request that you arrange the piece for flexible orchestra scoring/accompaniment, should it be appropriate for the style of the work, so that it may be able to be performed live in the future.