Out of the Dark cycling challenge


Awesome Rides - Out Of The Dark is a series of sponsored cycling events.  Its mission is to prevent men from taking their own lives unnecessarily. Our strong community networks will connect and support men faced with a significant struggle or crisis in life with the aim to prevent male suicide by making it possible for men to ask for help and find the right help, right when they need it.

Male suicide is silent epidemic. It is a very permanent response to what often amounts to temporary circumstances.  Suicide, male or female, is an issue where a single death is an unacceptable number.

In the UK, mental health services are underfunded, and it is estimated that each registered suicide costs the public purse £1.7M. In 2015, The Samaritans reported 6,639 suicides. Every week, 84 men commit suicide in the UK, yet very few men feel open enough to admitting that something is wrong.  In 2015, 75% of suicides were male. Suicide remains the biggest killer of males under the age of 45.

‘OUT OF THE DARK’ was created by cyclists, race directors and volunteers, determined to raise money to increase the help available to men with mental health difficulties through our sport.

The first ‘Out of the Dark’ sponsored cycle ride will take place on 30th March 2019. Could you cycle through the night around 6 iconic sports stadiums and save lives! If not, please consider donating, or volunteering, there’ll be many more events to come!

What Awesome Rides - Out of the Dark does

Elevate and encourage the conversation about male suicide to reduce the number of men who take their lives

We will do this do this by delivering awareness training and education in schools, colleges and the workplace - on and offline - to make talking about suicide much easier and to signpost a variety of routes to professional help and support. We support existing services (e.g. The Samaritans, Papyrus, CALM) and the conversations they initiate and contribute to. By encouraging people to break the silence, we help remove the stigma.

Encourage men to express their feelings rather than to shut down - Breaking the Silence; Together

We will support existing charities to deliver a wide variety of workshops and activities (e.g. music workshops) as specific interventions to enable men to learn to talk about difficult emotions and circumstances and learn new, creative ways express themselves so they learn how to: develop the emotional agility to work through difficult feelings and circumstances; recover their power and strength to work through their challenges.